Our Company


Founded in 2017, Army Worx is dedicated to serving your needs as a homeowner by bringing the highest quality lawn care and snow removal services to you at a competitive price. Our vision is to win the war on weeds by becoming the #1 Residential and Commercial Yard Care Service Provider in Alberta, and we believe that the greatest achievement is too able to support your homes needs as our Canadian veterans supported us.

Current Operations

We work with multiple well-trained owner operators who do all the field work for our customers, while Armyworx primarily focuses on sales, marketing, management, customer relations, and customer satisfaction.
Owner operators operate similarly to a franchise – owning their own equipment and business – while Armyworx retains the ownership and marketing rights of the client database. The relationship between subcontractors and Armyworx is continually streamlined and improved to achieve better efficiency and client satisfaction.

Strategic Objectives

Our vision is to win the war on weeds by becoming the #1 Residential and Commercial Yard Care Service Provider in Alberta.

Armyworx is currently set to start up in Calgary June 2017 and aiming to eventually expand into other Canadian cities. We are working on setting up the business as an official franchise that can be easily duplicated in other regions. We are currently in the process of creating and perfecting business systems in every area of the company to achieve these objectives.

What Customers Say About Us


"Absolutely satisfied with the work done by the Armyworx crew. They were so efficient the only way I knew that they did my yard maintenance was by the aeration on my lawn. I have booked them again in the spring and will most assuredly recommend them to anyone looking for a fabulous yard maintenance crew, Thumbs up 5 stars."

Lillian Horudko, Calgary

5.0 5.0

"I am very pleased with the quality of work by the team who does my yard. The yard always looks good and they have never forgotten to make sure that the gate is latched so the dog cannot escape. They are in and out very quickly, and show up on the days I expect them. Excellent service and will be renewing for a third year. I have recommended them to others as well."

Louis D.